Plicnik Space Initiative

�’s 74th Birthday Party

Arieh Frosh, Ilê Sartuzi, Eetu Sihvonen

We would like to invite you to LOG 1: �’s 74th Birthday Party with works by Arieh Frosh, Ilê Sartuzi, and Eetu Sihvonen. This show is the first in a three-part story; an experimental curatorial project led by Melle Nieling and Amélie Mckee.

The events in LOG 1 through 3 are based on the experiences of an unknown form, following the traces of a lost entity through spacetime, profiling its trajectory in the process. It has reconstructed this moment within its limited ability, piecing together fragments to form a whole.

This first entry takes place during the 1980s, in �’s living room, the morning following his 74th birthday party. Between his belongings appear pieces that touch on the fragmentary and fabled; from dancing bones to the journals of a slime ghost’s travels. Housed in a site-specific AI-assisted mise en scène, the exhibition aims to open questions on data harvesting, digital profiling, contemporary mass categorization, and the resulting data chimera.

PV 05.04.2024 6–9PM

Fri–Sun 12–6PM