Plicnik Space Initiative


SUB·RS features work by Zach Blas, Natasha Tontey, DISNOVATION.ORG, Johanna Bruckner, and Gary Zhexi Zhang.


Inside Johanna Bruckner's cell Inside CELL 001, with Johanna Bruckner's work.

Inside Natasha Tontey's cell Natasha Tontey's cockroaches have invaded CELL 002.

Inside Zach Blas's cell View Zach Blas's Jubilee 2033 in CELL 003.

Inside DISNOVATION.ORG's cell In CELL 004 DISNOVATION.ORG's Post Growth Prototypes lectures are playing.

Inside Gary Zhexi Zhang's cell Plicnik Collective created CELL 005 based upon Gary Zhexi Zhang's glossary Ponzi Scheme.

Floating inside the body Floating inside the body

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