Ellie Wyatt & Lucy Hutchinson

Trading Up (A Broken Arrow), 2020

Trading Up (A Broken Arrow) explores how fictions of limitlessness are perpetuated across science, economics, film, and advertising. Shown as a series of moving virtual objects, the work presents a catalogue of contemporary and historical artefacts relating to these fictions. These include Silicon Valley infrastructures, aspirational economic concepts (as described in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich), data advertisements and film stills.

The work is located in the Dehumidifier, a space that reproduces a fiction of an infinitely looping cycle, whilst also mirroring climate change processes taking place on Earth that result directly from these fictions of limitless growth. At a point where space exploration is increasingly concerned with the acquisition of off-world resources, Trading Up (A Broken Arrow) hopes to question how these narratives shape our contradictory relationships with an expanding universe and planetary limitations.

Sound by Aubrey Jackson-Blake

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The right-wing fuselage is the largest section of the craft and contains three essential features. The dehumidifier—together with the humidifier in the left-wing fuselage—is arguably the most important space in the craft. It houses an arid climate that helps to avoid a build-up of excess humidity.