Marc Blazel

Under Perpetual Construction, 2020

Described by William Gibson as a ‘space that wasn’t space’, a ‘nonplace’, and a space in which ‘there are no shadows’, the virtual world continues to fascinate weary travellers. Throughout his life Marc Blazel has engaged in, founded and abandoned countless digital spaces; communities of users and their creations that have now been lost to time. While he continues to mourn these losses, he has found solace in traveling to online spaces that remain explorable.

Focusing on the utopian online virtual worlds of the late 90s, we can view the relics of an internet that is much less cynical than it is now. How is it that places like Active Worlds and Second Life can still feel like the future, even in their most empty states? Before you is a shrine to those who made connections in this realm and others. Until this long winter ends, all we can do is continue to preserve and archive our experience, learn from these creations and the community of thousands who built them.

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The left-wing power bay houses a series of burn-rooms used to power the craft. In the unlikely event of a failure in another burn-room, the reserve burn-room will automatically be set in action to prevent power shortage. As it is situated adjacent to the noise of burn-room #36, this space has a soundproof wall and is actually very quiet.