Lucy Woodhouse

Broken Waters, 2020

WFH: the laptop sits on my stomach - positioned level with my eyes and wedged in front of my legs. It gives off an intense electrical heat as I scan over bright-beamed images. The sound of the fan whirs while the heat radiates through my clothes and my skin. The electronic waves seep into me as I imagine my vital organs positioned just below the surface.

Broken Waters is a short film created using a combination of sound, CGI modeling and animation. The viewer is taken on a journey through the female body and it’s reproductive organs. The soundtrack is composed from distorted recordings of voice, a fire and computer feedback.

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The joints and docking bay are essential elements of the craft, used to manoeuvre and allow for re-supplying. As the name suggests, the transport curve is used to transport supplies from the docking stations to the cockpit and left-wing fuselage. Oddly enough it is also used to transport some weight of the maintenance shoulder.